Reptar on Ice to Unveil New Jerseys

October 6, 2011


Despite winning 3 straight intramural titles, up until now Reptar has been without a jersey. Mismatched socks and old pennies might work for some teams, but as we all know 90% (roughly) of playing good is looking good.

So that is why tonight when Reptar faces off with Trolls, their dynasty will now have a face.

Its been a long time coming for these jerseys. After seeing teams such as Christ Crew, the Mighty Ducks, and even Bruno’s Raviolis rock jerseys, Reptar decided they too needed to “suit up”. But multiple attempts fizzled out leading some to question the Captain, Colin Flynn. But just like he does on the ice, his defensive partner Tom Wickham stepped up to save the day.

So the jerseys are in, and they will be worn for the first time tonight as Reptar looks to erase the memory of their opening day tie. Puck drops at 7:15 at Matthews.

In other intramural news, Team RamRod suffered their second defeat of the season against Don’t Toews Me Bro (1-0-1), which puts their chances at the playoffs in serious doubt as they sit at 0-2.

Hurricanes, Christ Crew, and the Mighty Ducks all sit at 2-0. America and Don’t Toews Me Bro are 1-0-1 and Reptar hopes to join them with a win over perennial punching bag tonight. Dangleberries (0-1-1) and Multiple Scoregasms (1-2) are struggling and look unlikely to make a return to the playoffs.

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