Fight Night

October 11, 2011


As you all know, there is no fighting in college hockey, but just in case there ever is, here are the guys who dropped the gloves in Juniors.
1. Anthony Bitetto
The fact that Bitetto likes to mix up shouldn’t come as any surprise.  Him and his defensive partner Luke Eibler don’t take much shit when they are on the ice.   Here are two fights from Bitetto that shows why he is number 1 on the list.
2. Ben Oskroba
Oskroba is a freshman, so we havent seen much of him.  But here are two fights from him that shows that he too isnt afraid of anyone. The 2nd fight is awesome.  Bonus points for still throwing punches even when the refs step in.  More bonus points because he follows us on Twitter.
3. Rob Dongara
Kind of a surprise is the Big Dong coming in at number 3.   He fights just like he plays: with a lot of energy.   I don’t think he is a guy who is out looking for fights, but he isnt going to back down either.   Dongara is a guy you love having on your team because no matter what you can count on him to provide a spark, any way he can.
4. Braden Pimm
Even more of a shock is Pimm coming in at 4.   He comes off as more of a comedian than a tough guy, but he is another one who is always trying to help the team.  Not the best fight we’ve ever seen, but its the fact that he is willing to go that puts up on this list.

Unfortunately those were the only fights we could find from current Huskies, but don’t worry we have a few gems from some Husky Alums as well.

Joe Vitale takes a chance to introduce himself to the NHL

And finally the man, the myth, the McCauley

If thats not enough, youtube Dennis McCauley.
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