Preview: Huskies vs UNH

October 14, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

The Huskies go for their first win tonight when the host a team they haven’t beaten very often. 3 times since 2003 to be exact. So they will have their work cut out for them when the University of New Hampshire Wildcats come to town tonight.

The Wildcats graduated their entire first line last year, which was also their top 3 scorers. (Sound familiar?). But they also came in second in Hockey East so they return a bit more than the Huskies. Their goaltender Mike DiGirolamo (yes you can refer to him as Digiornos) is one of the best goalies in the league. Their go-to-guy will be Stevie Moses. He is the best offensive threat and he has a 3-4-7 line against NU in 9 games. Second liner Dalton Speelman also has 4 goals in 6 games against the Huskies.

UNH either struggles with the idea of captain or wants everyone to feel involved so they have 2 players that wear the C (Damon Kipp and Mike Borisenok). They also feature a Van Riemsdyk and a Pavelski. Don’t worry, they are a fourth liners on a good day and a far cry from their NHL brothers. The Wildcats lost 5-0 to BU in their only game this season.

Now onto the Huskies, Steve Quailer returns from suspension, as does Ludwig Karlsson who will make his Husky debut tonight. Quailer has 4 points in 6 games against UNH and he will be hoping to add to that tonight. Other players to watch are the Daniels brothers, who each have 4 points in 5 game against the Wildcats. (Drew 2g, 2a; Justin 1g, 3a). Cody Ferriero is still suspended.

Onto the lineup, will we see Witt tonight? Probably not, but I for one hope we do (starting, not in mop up duty). Furthermore with the return of Karlsson and Qualier, the lines will be shaken up.

Obviously the Pimm-Daniels-Saponari line should stick together. Quailer has been practicing with Karlsson as his center and Ferriero on his wing. With Ferriero out, I say move Quailer to first line with Mike McLaughlin and throw Alex Tuckerman on the other wing. Have Karlsson center the third with Rob Dongara and Joseph Manno on the wings. That leaves Adam Reid, Garrett Vermeersch (who should still see time on the PP) and Steve Morra for the fourth. I think Zak Stone sitting is an obvious one with all the centers they have. The last choice is Robbie Vrolyk vs Dong. Both play a similar game but I think Dong is a little more physical and he brings more than Vrolyk. Though Dongara himself tweeted that he may be scratched tonight, so we’ll see.

For defense, I’d say keep the same 6 but maybe mix it up a bit. Either that or just play like they all have shown they can. Something needs to change back there.

Another big game with Hockey East points on the line. UNH has been a tough opponent, but this might be NU’s best chance to beat them. They will bring a good amount of fans. The Doghouse is already sold out, so if you need a ticket still, get there before 530 because there is only a limited number left. See you tonight. Go Huskies.

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