More Than Just Points at Stake This Weekend

October 19, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

1-1-1 after 3 games is not a bad start.  But there is a big difference between 1-3-1 and 3-1-1. The Huskies started off 1-7-2 last season.  It took them all year to recover  and by the time they did, the season was over.  They made the most of it, though, with a good showing in the Beanpot, a solid last month, and a playoff series victory at BU.  Unfortunately, not many fans were there to see it.  When the Huskies hit rock bottom last year (losing to Holy Cross and Niagara on the same weekend), many fans turned their back on the team for good.  So even when things turned around, the fan support was lacking for the rest of the season, save for the Beanpot.

So far this year, the Huskies have had 2 home games so far this season and both have been sell outs in terms of student tickets.  The home opener is usually a student sell out anyways.  But despite only managing a tie, the next game against UNH was also a student sell out.   Part of that was the name value of UNH, and part of that was the dramatic finish from the UMass game.  BC will mark a third straight student sellout.  It will also be a complete sell out (non student tickets will be sold out too).  This weekend is huge for Northeastern, both for Hockey East points and for winning the fans over.

Hockey is THE sport at NU.  Basketball is growing, but its still all about hockey.  But like any other school,  there is a large group of students who wont come unless the team is winning.   The Huskies lost that group early last year.   But they have been given a huge chance to rope them in this year.   Having been to the games, I can say there were a ton of freshman at the first two.  Safe to say, a good portion of them are probably hooked now.   But the BC game is a chance for the team to prove that they are for real and they are worth watching.  A win, or even a good performance, against BC will do wonders for fan support for the rest of the season.

So this weekend is about more than just 2 big Hockey East contests, yelling at John Gaudreau and visiting Hockey East’s worst arena.   Its a chance for the school to realize that this is a good hockey time and that they should come out and support them every game, not just the ones against BU and BC.  Hopefully, the team seizes this opportunity because there is nothing better than a full DogHouse.  Just look at the player’s twitter accounts after a game to see how important it is to them.

PS-Friday is the first real chance to go to an away game this year (besides Maine).  If you have never been to an away game, I highly recommend it.  NU brings a good amount of fans to most places, Merrimack included. If you need a ride, there are plenty of kids going.  Just look on the facebook event page or talk to the DogHouse guys.   We will also be going and have some room in our car as well.  Its going to be a good time.   We hope to see you there.


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