Shorthanded Reptar Steals a Point

October 24, 2011


Reptar tied Christ Crew 1-1 last night in a game that brought back memories of the last meeting between these two that ended in a brawl.
Like the last time, Reptar was missing their Captain Colin Flynn, who has not seen any action this season. But he wasn’t the only loss: Jon Martiniello, Bill Stacy, Greg Stofman, and Mark Loh were all absent as well. This meant that Zach Frisch was forced to play goalie and Reptar was left with just 4 forwards and 2 defenseman. Christ Crew was running a much bigger bench, but they had no intention of wearing an undermanned Reptar down.
They did, however, intend to score. Frisch was called on early and often as Reptar struggled to find their feet and figure out their strategy. It didn’t take long for Christ Crew to break through and take the lead courtesy of a defensive error from interim captain Andrew Stukas. Repat tightened up defensively, which led to very few legitimate offensive chance. It was 1-0 Christ Crew after 1 and Reptar was happy for a breather and 1 goal deficit.
The second period saw Reptar elevate their play, but their chances were still few and far between. They picked their spots very carefully and above all were responsibledefensively. Billy Goddard had a good opportunity but was denied by a big save. The second period ended and it was still 1-0, but Reptar was gaining in confidence what they were losing in stamina.
Needing a goal, they pushed onwards more frequently and aggressively than they previously had. Jon Casali was able to get a few shots off, but to no avail. Reptar would get their chance though. Casali shot from high in the slot and the goalie made the save. But the rebound fell right to Stukas on the other side of the crease. But right as he went to put it into the open net, he was tackled from behind. 2 minutes well worth it for the Christ Crew defender. Reptar was unable to capitalize on the Power Play, but the intensity ramped up and the game before much more physical. There would be no fight this game, but at least of that had to be because Reptar just had no energy left.
But Reptar would not be denied. Matt “Moose” Merenich had still had something to say. Moose picked up the puck and broke into the zone on the right side. He took the defender wide and looked like he was going behind the net. He wasn’t. He waited til the goalie dropped down and tucked the puck right underneath the crossbar like he has done countless times this season.
1-1 with 5 minutes left and Reptar had ambitions of adding another. Those ambitions would take a big hit when Cody Carlson was called for a hook with 2 minutes left. Carlson left the ice for the first time all night for a well deserved but untimely break. His defensive partner Tom Wickham never left the ice. Reptar used their timeout to rest more than anything else.
Prepared to settle for a tie, Reptar worked hard on the penalty kill. And they even had a chance of their own. A good forecheck created a chance for Stukas right in front of the net. As he attempted to spin and shot, he was again taken out from behind. There was no call coming this time, just an odd man rush. But it was dealt with and Reptar killed the final 30 seconds.
A tie vs. Christ Crew wasn’t the goal, but given the circumstances, the players were satisfied. Credit goes to Zach Frisch and the two defenseman, Carlson and Wickham. They were the reason Reptar was still in the game. They gave Christ Crew very few chances. But everyone on the team should be proud of the effort. It was a game that could have easily been lost. They will have 2 weeks to recover before finishing their season against Hurricanes.

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