We Want Witt

October 25, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

This isn’t a Rawlings sucks post.  (We can argue that later)   This is about Clay Witt and why it is important that he gets a chance to play.

Witt isn’t Mike Binnington.  He is a good goalie that was brought here to play, not to be a career door opener.  And every single chance he has gotten (in games that acutally count), he has done a great job.  But still, he never gets a chance to start.

Chris Rawlings is a good goalie, but he isn’t Brad Theissen.  He isnt a guy you can’t not start.  He is a guy that has good days and bad days, like most goalies.  And he is also a guy that has been looking to make the jump to the NHL ever since he got here.

So if Rawlings leaves after this year, where does that leave NU?  We don’t know.  And thats the issue.  Witt may be perfectly capable of stepping up or they may need to bring in Jon Gillies early.   But no one will ever know because Witt doesn’t play.  There is no reason that a coaching staff should not know if a guy is ready after he has been here for two years.  But that looks to be the path we are heading down.

Witt needs to play.  He has earned his chance.  Rawlings has consistently proven that he is anything but consistent.  And Witt may very well be The Guy next year.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that even if Rawlings leaves, the team will still be fine at goalie? These shenangins have gone on too long.  It just baffles me how a team (and two seperate coaching staffs) can be so reliant on 1 goaltender when his backup has been great everytime he has come in for him.  And the starter has never been dominant for an extended period of time.  Isn’t anyone on the coaching staff at least curious to see what this guy’s got?

I know I am.  And with every game and every soft goal Rawlings gives up, the calls grow louder.  I don’t know what its going to take for Witt to get a fair shake, but we are all aboard the Witt Wagon and we arent getting off until he is given the chance and plays worse than Rawlings.

Come on Mad Dog, start Witt.  Worst case scenario, you have to pull him…just like Rawlings.

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3 Comments on “We Want Witt”

  1. Pat Becker (@beckerrrrr) Says:

    When it looks like we’re going to come out of October with only two wins (both over the worst team in HE (UNH currently has 1GF/14GA)), no better time to give Witt a start than this weekend in Durham.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great point regarding Witt. The BU teams which had been successfully in the early to mid 90s had a two goalie system


  3. Anonymous Says:

    No Mountain?


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