Preview: Huskies at UNH

October 29, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca


The Huskies head up to Durham and Lake Whitt tonight to take on the UNH Wildcats.   Northeastern beat the Wildcats 4-0 at home a couple weeks ago and UNH will be looking to return the favor.

The Huskies have struggled in Durham recently, but they did manage to pull out a tie in their last trip up there.   UNH has struggled this year.  They sit at 1-4-1 and they have been outscored.  They picked up their first and only win last night against Union in overtime last night.  They have been outscored 25-11.   The Huskies are only 1-3-1 with their only win coming against UNH.

Cody Ferriero will return to the lineup, presumably for Zak Stone.   Will Rob Dongara finally make his return to the lineup?  We’ll see.  This could be a could chance to light a fire under an underclassmen that hasn’t looked good so far this year (I can think of two guys).

It will be interesting to see what the lines look like.  Ferriero practiced with Ludwig Karlsson and Steve Quailer before the season, but I would say its unlikely they get back together.

Ferriero will likely find himself on the 4th line so they can ease him back in.  One thing to look for though is the ice time of all lines.   Madigan has been running a short bench and the top 6 have been getting tons of ice time.  It may have caught up to them against BC.  With the return of Ferriero, they have veen more depth, so hopefully they can spread the ice time out a bit more and keep the players fresh.

The defense should look the same and I think you all know who we want to see in net.  #WittWagon.

For anyone not making the trip, be sure to listen to WRBB’s coverage of the game.

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