Lawler Sucks

November 5, 2011

Hockey East

Merrimack’s Lawler Arena is the worst rink in the league.   Here is why it sucks:

  • The glass behind the net is too short.  The game is stopping every two seconds because the puck is going out of play.
  • The place is in the middle of nowhere.
  • The ice is awful (there is a huge build up of snow 5 minutes into every period and there is a huge drop in the corner where the Zamboni enters, where the puck gets stuck.
  • Sight lines are awful
  • Its even harder to see when a constant stream of people are walking by during play because they just got there.  This happened for the majority of the first period.
  • Last nights game was the first sell out I have been to where only 1/4 the rink was filled 10 minutes before the game.
  • You can’t get cell phone reception inside.
  • Its freezing in there.  Do they have heat?
  • Merrimack plays there
Thank god we don’t have to go back there for another year.

6 Comments on “Lawler Sucks”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You neglected to mention the deafening music from the 1997 that plays the entire time as well as the low ceiling that gets in the way of play.


  2. BigMan Says:

    Yeah it really sucks being so close to the play. Terrible. Go back to sucking Saponari’s cock, you fucktard. He’s waiting for you.


    • Drew Says:

      Yeah being close would cool if I could actually see anything. Lawler is the worst rink in Hockey East and its not even close.


      • BigMan Says:

        Then you have never been to Providence, Mullins (which is nice and big, but fucking blows, same goes for Lowell). I’d rather see a game at a rocking Lawler atmosphere than a half empty Matthews with some yahoos taking their shirts off. Go Dog Pound!!!! Right? If you can’t see anything at Lawler then get your fucking eyes checked. You’re right on top of the fucking play. How can you not see anything? And your bitching about the ice is the old ice, which was replaced two years ago. The ravine is gone. The “room behind the nets” is the same as every other standard NHL size sheet. Get your fucking facts straight, fanboy.

      • Drew Says:

        A rocking Lawler? let me know when that happens. Just so you know blasting shitty music over speakers doesn’t make a rink “rocking.” Come to Matthews tonight if you want to see an atmosphere. Nice sellout last night. Place was empty until halfway through the 1st. I din’t say anything about the space behind the net. I’m talking about the glass behind the net, which is the lowest I have ever seen anywhere, which leads to a ton of stoppages. And I’m referring to the ice in the corner where the Zamboni doors are. There is a huge drop off. I was “right on top of it”, I could tell. The only difference between Lawler and a high school rink is that Lawler has bleachers on both sides instead of one. I’d rather go to Schneider or Mullins any day.

  3. Jason Roberts Says:

    How are you closer to action at Lawler? Just because the place is small does not mean you are any closer. I can sit in the first row at Tsongas and be close. Lawler is a dump.


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