Preview: Merrimack at Huskies

November 5, 2011


Tonight at Matthews, the Huskies take on Merrimack for the final time this season.  The Huskies tied the Warriors last night in an exciting contest.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

This matchup has turned into a bit of rivalry over the past couple years.  Last year at Matthews, Merrimack beat NU 4-3 in OT courtesy of Joe Cucci’s hat-trick.  Cucci played at NU for a year before transferring to Merrimack.  That game saw 4 ejections: NU had Anthony Bitetto and Tyler McNeely tossed and Merrimack had Stephanie Da Costa and Jordan Heywood tossed.  Cucci has graduated but the animosity has lived on. The Merrimack players skated off the ice holding up the MC on their jerseys for the DogHouse to see after that game.    One season of success has turned Hockey East’s perennial doormat into a one cocky bunch.

It got chippy last night and there were a lot of penalties.  Merrimack Goon Kyle Bigos was well, being a goon.  While his teammate lay injured in the corner, Bigos skated up to Anthony Bitetto and through a serious of hand gestures told him basically suck his you know what.  i think just about everyone in the rink saw it.  All of the parents that gave the DogHouse dirty looks after our “S-E-X” chant, really didnt seem to mind this gesture.

Anthony Bitteto is a bad man.   The chances of him absolutely destroying the first poor soul from Merrimack who skates with his head down are pretty high.   This game is going to be physical and its probably going to get out of control.  But if the Huskies play like they did last night, they will get 2 much needed points and they will ruin Merrimack’s undefeated record.

Bitteto, Vinny Saponari, and Robby Dongara, among others have tweeted that they need the full supoort of the DogHouse tonight.   This is big game for the Huskies and its going to be a good one.  You don’t want to miss it.

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One Comment on “Preview: Merrimack at Huskies”

  1. BigMan Says:

    Yay! fanboys unite! They need your support Dog House! Let that puss bag BItteto throw down with Bigos and see what happens. He’ll get his lunch served. Can’t wait to head to the oldest, dirtiest rink in the league. Hey, did you know the Bruins played there? They have a banner to fucking tell you.


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