Intramural Update

November 8, 2011


There are just 2 games left in the intramural season, but the playoff picture is still a giant mess.

Don’t Toews Me Bro has locked up the 1 seed with 11 points (They did play one more game then everyone else, though they locked it up before their last game)

RamRod, Multiple Scoregasms and the Dangle Berries are already eliminated.  Joining them in missing the playoffs are Trolls and the team who named themselves after a former BU player.   Both finished the year with 0 points.

The leaves 5 teams for the final 3 spots.  All 5 are tied at 6 points.  Mighty Ducks and America have played all 5 of their games, so they must sit and wait.  On Thursday, Christ Crew will get the chance to clinch a playoff spot if they can pickup at least a point against RamRod.  RamRod has struggled, but they are still one of the most talented teams in the league.   And I am sure they would love to play spoiler.  We will try to catch up with RamRod star Greg Dwyer to get a feel for the team’s mindset after missing the playoffs yet again.   The other two teams are Reptar on Ice and Hurricanes, who play each other in the final game of the season Sunday night at 9.   The winner will clinch, the loser will be sweating it out.  No one really knows what the tiebreak rules are.  We will try to find out.

It will be interesting for sure.  2 huge games with everything on the line with some of the best teams in the league involved.

Don’t Toews Me Bro has looked good, but Reptar has never not won the championship.   That will be tested this year.

Thursday at 9: Christ Crew vs RamRod

Sunday at 9: Reptar vs Hurricanes


We will try to bring you another update after Thursday’s game.  Hopefully we have some more info regarding tiebreakers by then.

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