Another Tough Weekend Ahead

November 10, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

Northeastern has no one to blame but themselves for their early season struggles.  But the schedule hasn’t done them any favors either.  I would guess the only game they have been “favored” to win was the season opener against UMass.    And even that might be a stretch.

This weekend will be no different with 2 tough road games.  First up is a quick trip to Chestnut Hill to face either the best or second-best team in the conference, depending on who you ask.  I’d say BC is way better than Merrimack.   The Warriors were good.  They have great goaltending and a great powerplay.   BC has great everything, though.  And they seem to specialize in pulling out one goal wins against Northeastern.  In years prior, this may have been a trap game for them, but with BC coming off a loss and the way their recent games against NU have gone, I don’t think there is any chance of them not being prepared for this one.

Then on Saturday, the Huskies will head west to visit UMass.  UMass is a team that NU has to be getting points against if they hope to make any noise in Hockey East.  But the Minuteman showed they can skate with the Huskies just a couple weeks ago and I am sure they will make sure to slam the door on them this time, if they are given the chance..  NU’s road struggles have been well documented and it just seems foolish to expect a win away from Matthews at this point. That needs to change.

It’s still way too early to call games must-wins, but at some point you have got to stop the bleeding.  Another 2 loss weekend will put the Huskies at 1-7-2 in Hockey East.   That is not a good prospect.

Lost in the record is the fact that NU has played some pretty good hockey at times.   But now they need to start turning those times into full games and getting something to show for it.  Another weekend of hard-fought losses isn’t going to cut it.    They need to step up and get some points this weekend.  It won’t be easy, but its doable.

Maybe getting away from home can bring this team together.  The Maine trip last year was credited as the turning point in the season.  Hopefully this weekend can serve the same purpose for this years team.  The schedule beings to ease up (a little) and the Huskies will get the chance to get out of the hole they have dug themselves.  But it must start this weekend.  Before its too late.


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