Final: UMass 4, Huskies 2

November 13, 2011


The Huskies lost again last night.  This time to UMass, 4-2.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca


The Basics

  • Anthony Bitetto and Ludwig Karlsson had goals for the Huskies.
  • Karlsson, Justin Daniels, and Steve Quailer picked up assists.
  • Chris Rawlings had 39 saves and yet again came kept the Huskies in it.
  • The Huskies were outshot, as they have been every game this season, 45-35
  • NU finally broke through on the Power Play going 2-4, nut their PK let them down allowing 2 goals on 5 chances, including the game winner.
What You Need to Know
  • Another blown lead and another late loss.
  • Rawlings continued to be a rock for this team and despite facing far too many shots, he was able to keep the Huskies in the game.
  • Garrett Vermeersch was moved up to the 3rd line and responded by having a great game.   He was making plays in both zones and did a nice job forcing turnovers in the neutral zone.
  • The Huskies finally got over 30 shots.   Now that they figured out they need to shoot, they can work on getting better shots off.
  • 2 goals a game is not going to cut it.
  • This team in serious trouble of missing the playoffs.   They have already played over a third of their conference games and have just 4 points to show for it.  The league is deep this year and NU will likely find themselves in a battle for a playoff spot.
Another loss.   Its beyond frustrating.  This team should be much better than 1-7-2.   There are a million things to complain about, but I just want to see 2 changes.
1. Change the PK.   Its not working at all.  The passive box has not worked all year.  Putting Quailer on the PK unit was a good idea, but the system as a whole doesn’t work.  BC’s PK was an-your-face, high pressure.   And they didn’t even allow NU to set up.  NU sits back and lets their opponent pass with ease.  They just hope that they will beat themselves and make a bad pass.   That doesn’t happen very often at this level.   Its need to be changed.  They have good penalty killers.  Guys like Vrolyk and McLaughlin are good on the PK, but they aren’t being used right.    Hopefully the coaching staff can change the system this week and start applying some pressure on the kill.
2. Ice Time.   This team is deep.  Start utilizing that.   This team looks dead at the end of every game.  Ben Oskroba may not be the greatest defenseman of all time, but he is on the roster and you are dressing him, so put him on the ice.   2 or 3 more shifts for the 4th line spread out over the first 2 periods, will allow you to run your top 6 out there at the end and have them be fresh.   Thats not happening right now.   The key players have nothing left at the end of the game and its killing them.  All of the last minute and OT losses are proof of this.    Madigan may not trust the guys at the bottom of the roster, but leaning on the top 6 hasn’t worked, so how about giving the rest of the guys a chance to contribute?  Nowhere to go but up at this point.
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