Final: Huskies 5, PC 2

November 19, 2011


The Huskies finally got back in the win column last night with a 5-2 victory in Providence.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca


The Basics

  • Steve Quailer, Ludwig Karlsson, Zak Stone, Cody Ferriero, and Drew Ellement had goals for Northeastern.
  • The goal was the first of Ellement’s career
  • Josh Manson, Luke Eibler, Ellement, Quailer, Joseph Manno, and Dan Cornell all chipped in with an assist.
  • Chris Rawlings had just 19 saves, but he made a save on Tim Schaller’s penalty shot.
  • The Huskies finally outshot their opponents. The Huskies had 26 shots, to PC’s 21
  • NU was 0-2 on the PP.  PC was 1-2.
What You Need to Know
  • It feels good to win
  • Captain Mike McLaughlin was hurt in the middle of the game with a jaw injury and did not return.
  • The Huskies dominated this game.  They scored 2 goals in the first seven minutes and chased PC goalie Alex Beaudry out of the game.
  • Quailer’s goal wasn’t the best shot, but he made a great defensive play to earn himself the breakaway.
  • Stone and Karlsson’s goals were just well placed shots.
  • Ferriero’s was nice tip off Ellement’s blast from the point.
  • Then Ellement sealed it with an empty netter from his own blueline.
  • The lines were shaken up to be a little more balanced and it worked.   Every line was effective and they were able to control play and create chances.
  • The defense had maybe their best game yet.   Clearing the zone wasn’t an issue like it has been and as a result they kept shots down.    Dan Cornell continues to impress.  He broke up a 3-1 with the Huskies up 2-1 and looking back it was a big moment.
  • Discipline was really good.   Just two penalties on the night.
  • There was a players only meeting according to Steve Quailer.
This was a big win for NU.   They finally played the game they have been capable of the whole time.   They were good in every zone and it showed. They let up a bit early in the third and PC looked like they were gaining confidence., but NU was able to recover and hold on for the win, which they haven’t been able to do much.
I think its a feeling of relief more than anything.   When Karlsson scored the 4th goal to make it 4-1, there were a ton of smiles and it seemed like the weight was off their shoulders.  After the game, you could tell it meant a lot.  Coming off the ice it was just huge smile after huge smile.
But like Steve Quailer said after the game, this win means nothing if they dont build on it.   So now that is their task: keeping up the good work and really kicking off the turnaround.
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