Doghouse Deserves Its Due

November 21, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

The Northeastern Huskies lost some leadership on the ice with players (and coaches) leaving. They also lost some in the stands with Doghouse Leader Tim Fouche graduating.
Tim was a well known figure and he did a great job running the Doghouse. When he left, there was some worry that they Doghouse would fall out a bit. There was even an article in the Huntington News about how the lack of a single leader would hurt the Doghouse. But that has not happened.

Mike Chafetz, Sean Hathaway, Sean Maloney, and Darren Costa, just to name a few (there are countless others who have played a big part) , have done a great job in continuing what has been a Northeastern tradition since the Dark Ages of Bruce Crowder when Justin Harriman first started the Doghouse.

Not only have they been influential in promoting home games, but they have also made sure NU has been represented at every single road game this season. I think we can all agree (except for some angry parents at BC, PC, and Merrimack who have to explain to their young children what sex is. Or anyone who has googled bukkake), they have done a great job continuing the work of those who have come before them. And there is no reason to think they won’t continue to do this.

But they aren’t the only ones who deserve credit. Everyone in the Doghouse does. The Doghouse isn’t just the people in the first row. It is everyone that comes to the game and supports the team.

This team, like any Northeastern team, isn’t always easy to support. This year has seen its fair share of low points in the early month, but that has not stopped the students from coming to games.

Last year, this team got off to a 1-7-2 start. It was hard to watch, so many people stopped watching and attendance suffered. The team eventually turned it around and played in some huge games. Unfortunately student support wasn’t what it should have been. We didn’t even sell out our allotment of Beanpot tickets and there was probably only 50-70 students there to see NU knock BU out of the playoffs. There were some great games last season, but people missed them because they wrote the team off and gave up on going.

So when the team got off to a 1-7-2 start yet again this season, it was easy to expect more of the same. Up until this weekend, student support had been great, but when teams like BC and UNH come to town, its not hard to sell out the Doghouse. So with last place Vermont coming to town on Saturday (and just 3 wins combined between the two teams), I wasn’t expecting a massive crowd, even though it was Homecoming.

I was very glad to proven wrong. By gameday, there were only standing room tickets available for students. I figured the 8 o’clock would turn some people off (Gotta be out partying by 10 brah), but it didn’t. It was actually one of the earliest arriving crowds I’ve seen in a while. Its good to see that the fans are sticking with this team despite a rough start. Those who did were rewarded for it last year. Hopefully this past weekend is any indication of things to come and we will again be rewarded for hanging in there.

The Doghouse has done a great job. Both the leaders in organizing everything and the students in showing up and being loud. Let’s hope it can continue despite a little bit of a layoff in terms of home games and easy road trips.

But after what I’ve seen so far this year, I fully expect to see a great crowd when Lowell comes to town next month.


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