3 Stars of the Week: 12/5

December 5, 2011

Stars of the Week

1st Star

Braden Pimm, F, 2 GP, 3-0-3, +4

Pimm’s sophomore season has been going a lot different than his freshman one did.  Since scoring some big goals in the first couple weekends, Pimm has taken on more of the play maker role.  During the win streak he has been the one racking up the assists, while his linemates picked up the goals.   This weekend, the roles were reversed a bit and Pimm was the one finishing the plays. He put NU on top Friday night just 30 seconds in and it was all Huskies from there.  Pimm would add a second goal later in the game.  Then on Saturday, with the team trailing, Pimm scored midway through the second to tie the game.  They will be plenty of worthy candidates for Most Improved Player this season, but right now I’d say Pimm is the favorite.  He has been a star this season.

2nd Star

Steve Quailer, F, 2 GP, 1-3-4, +4

Quailer saw his 3 game scoring streak end on Friday, but he still managed to chip in with 3 assists on the night.  Saturday, he began what could be the start of a new scoring streak, when he picked up the game winning goal for the Huskies 5 minutes into the 3rd.  Those 3 assists have tied him for the team lead.  And he now leads the team with 15 points, despite missing the first two games of the season.  He is also the team leader in awesome animal facts.

3rd Star

Garrett Vermeersch, F, 2 GP, 2-1-3, +4

Not long ago, there were calls for Vermeersch to be watching the games from the stands.  When the lines were shuffled, the Junior was actually moved up the line chart.  And now the points are flowing.   Yeah, playing with Ludwig Karlsson and Vinny Saponari definitely helps, but Vermeersch deserves a ton of credit too.  He is one of many who has really taken a huge step forward under Madigan.  Vermeersch has always had great talent, but in years past, he has tried to do it all himself.  Now, he is making great (and plenty of) passes and working hard on defense too.  “Mr. Minus” ended up with a Plus 4 this weekend as well as his first 2 goals of the season.  And as if that wasn’t enough, he had the only assists on the game winning goal on Saturday.  This a new side of Vermeersch that I think everyone is enjoying and we can only hope he continues to play like he has.

1. C. Rawlings 6

1. S. Quailer 6

3. L. Karlsson 5

3. B. Pimm 5

5. C. Ferriero 4

6. M. McLaughlin 3

6. J. Manno 3

6. G. Vermeersch 3

9. J. Daniels 2

9. D. Cornell 2

11. D. Ellement 1

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