December 5, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca


The Northeastern Huskies went on the road and swept the #2 team in the nation this week.  But you would never know that by looking at USCHO.com, which is supposedly a major member of the college hockey media.

After beating Notre Dame 9-2 on Friday, they were giving a brief mention and an embarrassingly bad game recap.  On Saturday, when they completed the sweep of the #2 team in the country according to that very site, they received no mention at all.  USCHO instead choose to focus on Quinnipiac’s late goal to beat RPI and Bemidji State beating St. Cloud.   They also conveniently forgot to mention that the #1 team in the country also got swept by an unranked team. Why would any one care about the top 2 teams in the country getting swept?

Add this to the fact that every week, multiple writers pick against the Huskies.  Not only do they pick against them, though, they also predict blowouts almost half the time.  Its pretty clear that USCHO just hates Northeastern.  The only explanation is that Greg Cronin must have pissed in their cereal or something and now they just ignore NU so much that they don’t even realize he left.

In attempt to redeem themselves, they do mention NU in the #1 spot of their weekend review piece:  Northeastern stunned third-ranked Notre Dame in its own barn with a sweep to bring the Huskies’ overall record to 6-7-2.  Thats it.  One sentence.  Under the umbrella of how well the rookie coaches have done.

If BC is the smart and successful older brother and BU is the older and more popular sister.  Then, Northeastern is the little brother that no one ever talks or cares about.  A 5 game win streak isn’t enough to get noticed.  Nothing they do can change the fact that if you aren’t BC or BU, you are not going to get the coverage you deserve.

But the thing is, I don’t think the Huskies care.  They don’t need any pats on the back.  They are playing with tons of confidence and they look like they are having fun on the ice.  Even at the best of times under Cronin, that was never the case.  So the media can continue to just ignore the Huskies all they want.  It just makes it easier to sneak up on teams like Michigan and ND (on Friday), but its not like they even need that (ND on Saturday).

This team is good.  The players know it.  The fans know it.  We don’t need to the media to tell us.

Despite the awful start, the Huskies are already up to 22nd in the Pairwise Rankings (the only one that matters) and with winnable games ahead, a late season run is very much still in play.  At the end of the day, thats what counts.  Thats what the team and the fans care about.  The media attention is just a bonus.

So when the polls come out today, Northeastern may or may not be in them.  They probably won’t.  But it doesn’t matter in the slightest because those who have watched this team know it is a good one, no matter what the national media says (or doesn’t).


3 Comments on “IgNortheastern”

  1. Dreds Says:

    I have got to disagree. The media tends to be very favorable towards NU. In the offseason, USCHO and others gave a lot of front page coverage to the team, both with Cronin’s leaving and Madigan’s hire. This weekend, CHN has them as the cover story and last week USCHO had them on the frontafyer they beat Michigan, which was for the second time this season on the front page. With 58 D-1 teams, you can’t throw NU up front after every big win. In fact the fact that NU wasn’t there shows that NU winning is becoming less out of the ordinary.


    • Drew Says:

      I’ll admit they did do a good job in the offseason. But they were basically just taking the news from College Hockey News, who was all over the Cronin story. They were mentioned after beating Michigan, but they were very few games that night.

      The fact that sweeps of both the #1 and #2 in the nation are not mentioned at all is just awful. USCHO’s Hockey East coverage is just watching BU or BC and now occasionally Merrimack, they don’t even pay attention to anyone else.


  2. Spence Says:

    I completely agree, and what confuses me even more is how Notre Dame still got a first place vote after this weekend?


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