BU’s Corey Trivino Arrested and Kicked off Team

December 13, 2011


EDIT: More info has come out about the incident.  https://huskyhockey.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/update-on-trivino/  Given the new information, I no longer credit Jack Parker or BU for handling this correctly.


Things were finally going well for Corey Trivino. After a career filled with injuries, questionable decisions and disappointment, Trivino had finally figured it out in his senior season. He currently leads Hockey East with 13 goals in 15 games.

But late last night, news broke that he had been arrested and charged with attempted rape. The Boston Hockey Blog reported soon after that he had been dismissed from the team.

The gravity of the news was shocking. That it involved Trivino or BU, however, was not.

In recent years, BU’s off ice issues have been a frequent story.

This season, Kieran Millan (Senior) and Kevin Gilroy (Senior), and Max Nicastro (Junior) have all been suspended at one point for missing class.

Last year, it was Andrew Glass being dismissed in early January for going to his final.  According to Jack Parker, Glass was dismissed for “missing meetings and being late”.  Glass denied these allegations and said that he was basically punished for attending his final.  His locker was cleaned out without his knowledge and it took a couple weeks to get in touch with Parker to find out he was kicked off due to the holiday break.

The year before that, there was another incident involving Trivino.  Trivino, Vinny Saponari, Victor Saponari and some teammates went out drinking on St. Patrick’s Day despite the players being told not to go out  because they had the Hockey East semifinals that weekend.  When Coach Parker found out,  he punished them with an early morning bike ride.  When Saponari was late to this, he was immediately dismissed from the team along with his brother.  Trivino was also involved, but since this was his first offense, he was given just  a 5 game suspension and a second chance.

Unlike those other incidents, the current situation has really forced BU’s hand.  Parker gets a lot of stick for seemingly kicking off guys at will.  It has basically become an expected occurrence.  This time is different though.  Parker and BU have acted swiftly and made the correct decision.  Trivino is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, but he is clearly not putting himself in good situations.  Parker gave him a second chance and Trivino betrayed him.  So for the first time in my life, I will say good job by Jack Parker.

Hopefully the victim and her family are ok.  Our best wishes go out to them.  As for Trivino, we can only hope the truth does come out and he is either proven innocent or punished appropriately.


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