Update on Trivino

December 13, 2011


Throughout the day a lot more info has come out regarding Corey Trivino.  The Boston Hockey Blog was able to get the police report that details the incident.

They also talked to Jack Parker who had some alarming things to say about Trivino’s transgressions while at BU.  Here is the full story.

Earlier today, I commended Jack Parker for acting quickly in kicking him off the team. I would like to take that all back now.  I was under the impression that this was Trivino’s second chance.  Clearly it was not.

Parker deserves to take a lot of the blame here.  He knew Trivino had a problem.  The ultimatum should have came after the first incident, not the second.   And the ultimatum should have been “get help, or you are off the team”, not “do it again and you are off the team.”

If Trivino was as important to the team as someone like Victor Saponari, how many chances would he have got?  Victor was involved in the St. Patrick’s day incident along with Trivino and his brother Vinny.  Vinny was dismissed for an assortment of things and Victor was booted with him.  Trivino was given a second chance seeing as it was his first offense.  It was also the the first (public) offense for Victor.  But as a senior who barely saw the ice, Parker wasted no time in booting him.  Parker put the success of his hockey team before the safety of both his players and the people around them.  And now as usual, he lays the blame 100% on Trivino.   Parents send their kids off to college so that their coaches can make the kids into hockey players, but also adults.  Jack Parker failed to do that.  He failed Corey Trivino, his family as well as the victim and her family.

Trivino is still very much to blame.  His actions were his and his alone.  But no matter how talented he is, this type of behavior should not be allowed to happen as frequently as it has under Jack Parker’s watch.



  1. BU’s Corey Trivino Arrested and Kicked off Team | Husky Hockey - December 13, 2011

    […] More info has come out about the incident.  https://huskyhockey.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/update-on-trivino/  Given the new information, I no longer credit Jack Parker or BU for handling this […]

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