Charlie Coyle “Bourques” His Way Out of BU

December 16, 2011


The USHR is reporting that Charlie Coyle is leaving Boston University due to “academic issues”.  Normally, during Finals week, there are no games and hardly any news.  But BU has taken it upon itself to make this the most exciting week of the season so far.

With half of BU’s team enrolled in the MET college (which is the night school, think NU’s College of Professional Studies), Coyle decided to really challenge himself by enrolling in the College of General Studies.   Well that decision didn’t really work out so well.  So instead of sitting out next semester, Coyle figured he would jump to Major Juniors and play in the QMJHL.  He also decided to lie to the student newspaper yesterday when reached for a comment, which led to a blog run by a BC fan still in high school to break the story while the Fanboys tried to assure themselves it wasn’t true.

The seriousness of the Trivino incident made it not one to joke about.  This incident however is hilarious and should be mocked.

This sounds an awful lot like the Chris Bourque situation a few years back.  Except Bourque played a full season before leaving.  Bourque saw the writing on the wall after his first semester at BU, but he decided to stay for a full year anyway.  And by stay, we mean not go to class at all during the second semester, score the game winning goal in the Beanpot and then bolt for Juniors because he knew he wouldn’t be academically eligible if he came back.

This news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering BU’s recent history.  Coyle and Trivino this year.  Glass last year.  The St Patrick’s day incident that led to the Saponaris getting booted in 2009.  In 2007, their captain Brian McGuirk was one of 4 players suspended, along with Brandon Yip for drinking. 2005 was Bourque. 2003 saw John Sabo put someone in the hospital after a bar fight (and avoid any discipline from BU).  And these are just the issues that have become public.

Every team has discipline problems sometimes, but it seems like a regular occurrence at BU.  Jack Parker recruits big name recruits who have their sights set on the NHL, so he shouldn’t be surprised at what he gets.  BU used to be the school where all the local hockey players wanted to go because they grew up rooting for BU.   Now it has become a 1 or 2 year stepping stone for a group of talented players who care more about themselves than they do about the school or the team they play for.  With constant early departures and off ice issues, its no wonder BU is no longer the national power they always were.

So now BU has lost arguably its best two forwards.  And the players are reportedly unhappy with how public Parker was about Trivino’s alcohol problem.   These are rough days for the Fanboys.  BU normally saves their huge collapse until after the Beanpot, but it looks like we may be seeing it earlier this year.

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