Final: BC 2, Huskies 1

January 16, 2012


Northeastern lost 2-1 to BC on Saturday at Frozen Fenway.  That is third loss to BC this season and the 4th straight one goal loss to the Eagles.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

The Basics

  • Garrett Vermeersch had the lone goal for the Huskies
  • Ludwig Karlsson and Vinny Saponari picked up the assists.
  • Chris Rawlings saved 28 out of 30 shots, but was embarrassingly caught behind the net on the first goal.
  • The Huskies were outshot 30-15
  • NU was 0-3 on the PP.  BC was 0-4
What You Need to Know
  • BC started their rarely seen 3rd string goalie, senior Chris Venti.  It was his first career start.  The Huskies managed just 15 shots against him.
  • The Huskies were once again without Cody Ferriero and Braden Pimm.
  • The first goal was awful.  Rawlings tried to play the puck behind the net and he failed big time.  The result was an empty netter for the Eagles.
  • Northeastern managed just 3 shots in the first period.
  • The Huskies played their best in the 2nd period and eventually tied it up when Garrett Vermeersch knocked home the rebound after a good faceoff win by the Huskies.
  • Early in the 3rd, the Huskies got a chance to take the lead on a Power Play.  They decide to defer and let Chris Kreider take it instead, which he did.   His shorthanded goal but the Eagles up 2-1 with 14 minutes left.
  • BC would have a goal disallowed later in the 3rd.
  • But the game would finish 2-1 as Northeastern never really looked like scoring a 2nd goal.
This is just the classic terrible weekend that Husky fans have grown so accustomed to.   2 bad losses in a weekend that was full of hype and anticipation.  Beating themselves Friday night was bad, but Saturday the team played better.  But 2 big mistakes led to 2 BC goals.  And 15 shots is never going to be good enough to beat anyone in Hockey East.  Even if its their 3rd string goalie.
The Power Play has been horrendous/disgusting/terrible/pick your adjective all year, but at least before it was just a wasted 2 minutes to practice passing.  But letting the other team score the game winner is a new low. When you win, sometimes problem areas like this can be ignored or left to work themselves out.  But that has not happened here.  Its time for a change, because 5 on 5 this team can play with anyone.   And the special  teams may wind up costing them a playoff spot the way the race is shaping up.
The Huskies have backed themselves into the corner and now the strech run is upon them.  Next weekend, and basically every weekend now, have become must wins.   If Northeastern isnt picking up 2-4 points every weekend from here on out, they aren’t going to like where they finish.
There is still time to turn it around.  Barely.  But its on the coaching staff to fix the special teams issues and its on the players to get their heads out of the clouds and make a commitment to their teammates.  The Huskies can’t afford to playing games shorthanded because of dumb decisions both on and off the ice.
On Frozen Fenway, it was a really cool experience that I am glad our school and especially players got to be a part of.  I also hope we never do it again.   The last 7 NU/BC games have all been decided by 1 goal or less, with 2 going to overtime.  I can easily say that this was the least exciting game of the 7.  Like all outdoor games, the play was slow and the atmosphere suffered due to everyone freezing their asses off.  Its a cool thing to do.  Once.  I am sure it is an unforgettable experience for the players and coaches involved, but as a fan, I’d much rather see an indoor game with regular conditions and a regular atmosphere.  AFter every single period, there were less people at the game on Saturday.  Hopefully the thousands of empty seats send the message that this fad may have run its course, but I doubt it.  As long as Fenway is willing to do this, I imagine Hockey East will be involved.
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