3 Stars of the Week: 1/23

January 23, 2012

Stars of the Week

1st Star

Garrett Vermeersch’s Unreal Flow

It wasn’t the best of weekends on the ice for the Huskies, they didn’t get much offense, and the play in the defensive zone wasn’t anything to be proud of either.  So since no one really earned the first star, we will give it to what was truly the high point of the weekend:  Garrett Vermeersch’s flow.  You can see here that Vermy takes care of his flow.  But this weekend, it was just unreal.  After the second period, Garrett was being interviewed by GoNU sideline reporter Dani Rylan.  And honoring a request from the Doghouse, she asked him to describe his unreal flow.  His answer: its unreal.  Vermeersch isn’t the captain, so you might wonder why he leads the team out of the locker room.  The only logical explanation is so that everyone can get a good view of the lettuce.  In a weekend where the results didn’t go Northeastern’s way, Garrett’s flow gave Husky fans hope.

2nd Star

Garrett Vermeersch, F, 2 GP, 1-0-1

In addition to having the best hair on the team, Vermeersch also chipped in with a big performance Saturday.   Friday wasn’t his best effort, but that applies to literally everyone who was in the lineup for the Huskies that night.  Saturday night, however, was a great game for him.  In addition to scoring his fifth goal of the season (matching his career high), Vermeersch moved the puck really well and would have had a few assists if it weren’t for Doug Carr coming up huge in net for Lowell.  He won over 50% of his faceoffs on the weekend and also added 9 shots which was second on the team.  Vermeersch has made a big step forward this year and it seems that he is doing the little things better.  He has improved his passing and his play in the defensive zone, which has earned him more ice time.   He already has 14 points this season as he looks to surpass his career high of 23, which he achieved in his freshman year.

3rd Star

Braden Pimm, F, 2 GP, 1-0-1

It wasn’t the best weekend for Pimm as his entire line really struggled for the first time all year.  But Pimm earned the spot with his play on the penalty kill.    Right off the bat on Saturday, you could tell that Northeastern had changed their mentality on the PK and decided to pressure the puck.  The first kill went well, but the second went even better.   Pimm made a good play to take the puck from the Lowell defenseman on the point, then he rushed up ice on a breakaway.   He didn’t get a great shot off but the puck went in after Pimm was pushed into Carr by the defenseman chasing him.  That play really showed what Pimm can do.  In addition to being good in the defensive zone, Pimm has the speed and ability to carry the puck and create space, and he isn’t afraid to drive to the net.  He now has 9 goals, which leads the team.  His goals aren’t because he has a tremendous shot.  He gets goals because he goes to the net and he knows where to be.    He is having a breakout year.

1. C. Rawlings 8

1. L. Karlsson 8

1. B. Pimm 8

4. G. Vermeersch 7

5. S. Quailer 6

6. C. Ferriero 4

6. V. Saponari 4

8. M. McLaughlin 3

8. J. Manno 3

8. A. Bitetto 3

8. J. Daniels 3

12. D. Cornell 2

13. D. Ellement 1

13. A. Reid 1

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