Preview: Huskies at Vermont

January 27, 2012


Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

The Huskies will spend the weekend in Burlington with a chance to potentially save their playoff hopes.

Vermont is in last place with a 2-13-1 record in Hockey East.  Northeastern needs 4 points from this weekend.  They are much better than Vermont and they need to prove that.

The Huskies are just 2-5-3 at the Gut since Vermont joined Hockey East.   Last time they went up to Vermont for 2 games, they won the 1st game 3-1, then lost the 2nd 9-2.   They beat Vermont in their only meeting this season.   The Huskies won that game 4-1 at Matthews in what was the start of their winning streak.   Hopefully this weekend can be the start of a new winning streak.  The Huskies need it to get into the playoffs.

This may be a chance to give Clay Witt a start.  Rawlings has been off lately and he could use a rest.   Witt hasn’t looked good in his few chances this year, but he showed last year that he can step in and give this team some solid goaltending.

The problem with the Huskies has been offense lately.   They just haven’t been scoring enough to win games.   Going o for on the PP every night doesn’t help that.    Maybe it is time to shake up the lines, the PP, and whatever else they can.  They have nothing to lose at this point.

We detailed Northeastern’s road to the playoffs this week and its pretty clear that without 3 or 4 points this weekend, the playoffs will be unreachable.  Lets hope the Huskies can take care of business.



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