Beanpot Recap: “I Had Too Many Nachos”

February 8, 2012


Rawlings sucked.  He should have been pulled after the second goal.   The Power Play is an absolute atrocity.  Luke Eibler had one of the worst games I have ever seen a defenseman have.  Dong is just not good enough and I would have no problem with Steve Morra replacing him in the lineup after his performance and late game antics.   Justin Daniels and Dong could not be an effective second line even if Wayne Gretzky was their center.   And basically everyone on the team gave up midway through the second.   So it was a typical Beanpot.


Now onto the good stuff:

  • The general consensus was that the Doghouse was the best student section.  As usual.  Next year Madigan may be better off just picking kids out of the stands, at least they would play with some heart.  The “We Want Blood” chant drew rave reviews as did the “We Want Harvard” in response to BC’s chant of “We Want BU”
  • It was great only having to pay attention for 2 periods.  The game was so far gone by the 3rd, that we were actually able to enjoy ourselves at a Beanpot.
  • The NU Shuffle was taken to the next level with about 5 rows at a time doing it.  But the best of all was Preston running all over the rink every time we did it.
  • Then in the biggest upset of the night, the Green Line came first and it was an E train.  You can’t make this stuff up.
  • On the train home, some girl kept yelling that she had too many nachos.  She also called herself a “bonerjammer”.  Unfortunately she couldn’t explain what that meant.
  • Who’s train is this?  Dog Train
  • Everyone wants Madigan fired now.  Apparently doing the occasional scouting work and being the Dean of the Business school for 18 years is not a good background for a coach?
  • The season’s not over yet.  There is still plenty of games for the team to knock themselves out of the playoff race.  And most of them are at home.



2 Comments on “Beanpot Recap: “I Had Too Many Nachos””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We can safely say that this team is lacking on the powerplay and this can easily be translated inot at least 3 more wins. 12.3% vs 17.1% last year. The postgame comments by coach Madigan should never mention the words “We were outcoached.” What kind of statement is this and how do your players react to this? Eibler and Manson’s mishandling of pucks might have caused goals but Rawlings has some blame to shoulder also. As much as this guy keeps us in games, those 2 goals were easy stops. You are right when you say that he shpuld have been pulled and that’s where a coach makes the difference. He needs to recognize what is happening on the ice. Guys that want to play and guys that are just going through the motions. Line management continues to be an issue with this team. The thinking is, let’s continue to make the same moves and hope for a different outcome. Also, The Dong cannot take penalties so gratuitously and expect to play night in or night out. I love his passion but he will need to control that chip on his shoulder. I saw some players on the bench that seemed very frustrated by their use. I think you know which ones I am talking about. BC was clogging up the neutral zone and NU was still trying to make plays there. Coaches did not recognize this? Anyways, if there is not a fundamental change in thinking, this team will be no better than last year’s. Ah yes, I almost forgot. Next time Bitetto goes to clear a puck along the boards, please do it with more urgency and determination. That’s where a coach needs to sit his butt down for this type of soft play. Could it be that these coaches are scared of veteran “drafted” players?
    Long live NU!!!!!!


    • Drew Says:

      You never want to hear Madigan admitted that he was outcoached, but its painfully obvious that he was. He has been reluctant to make changes until there is absolutely no denying the need for one. I’d like to see him be proactive for once. The failure on the power play this year is the difference between fighting for home ice and fighting for a playoff spot. This team has talent, but the coaching staff has just not done a good job utilizing it. I was willing to give them a break early in the year with line selection and line usage, but its February, figure it out. The players may have played a little tight under times at Cronin but at least they listened to him. I’d guess that a few of them wish he was still here.


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