NU Invitational Preview

February 13, 2012


After a one year absence, the Huskies return home to the storied NU Invitational.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Luca

There is nothing more depressing than the 4:30 start at the Garden.  When the puck drops, there will probably be about 200 people in the crowd.  maybe.  But its not all bad, here are some things to be excited about heading into this game:

  • Chris Rawlings will not be playing.
  • Someone other than Chris Rawlings will be playing goalie.
  • Rawlings will be on the bench.
  • The game isn’t on TV, and no one will be there, so no matter what happens, it wont be too embarrassing.
  • No lines for food or bathroom.
  • Steve Morra will be in the lineup.  Maybe even Ben Oskroba and Jake Hoeffler, and they will probably get more than 3 shifts.
  • NU has won the last 2 consolation matchups against Harvard.
  • You can sit wherever you want.
  • Harvard has the best power play in the country.   After suffering through NU’s “power play” all year, everyone deserve the chance to see a real one.

And last but not least:

  • After the game, you can leave, sell your ticket to a scalper (thanks to ticket scanning technology) and screw over a BU/BC fan while you make a few bucks.
  • Just kidding, we are not advocating that.
  • But if you want to have some fun and not commit a crime, you can give your ticket to a BC/BU fan for free and just not tell them its no good.



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