Playoff Tiebreaks for Northeastern

February 19, 2012


Northeastern and UMass are for the last playoff spot with 4 games left in the season.  NU has Maine at home for 2 and then a home and home with BU.  UMass has UNH at home for 2 then a home and home with Merrimack.   If the two teams finish on equal points, here is what will happen

1st Tiebreaker: Head to Head Record

Braden Pimm’s goal with .3 seconds left in the season opener earned NU a tie.  UMass then beat NU easily in the Huskies lone trip to Amherst this season. Vinny Saponari’s overtime goal a few weeks ago gave NU may prove to be crucial as a tie would have given UMass the season series.   But thanks to Saponari, the teams finish the year 1-1-1 against each other, meaning it must go to the second tiebreaker.

2nd Tiebreaker: Conference Wins

In addition to failing to pull away from UMass this weekend, the two ties may prove costly for the Huskies.   UMass only managed 2 points on the weekend as well, but there was a win, which means both teams have 7 conference wins.   Its a very real possibility that NU does not pick up another win this season, whereas UMass has a fairly better chance of doing so.   But its not unbelievable to think that there may be a need for the third tiebreaker

3rd Tiebreaker: Record Against 1st Place

Here is where it gets interesting.   If BC wins the leagues, then UMass will win the tiebreaker since they went 2-1 against BC.  If Lowell wins the league, then NU would win the tiebreaker courtesy of their win against Lowell back in December.   Other candidates to win the league are BU and Maine and they are bit more messy since NU has 2 games left against each.  UMass was 1-1-1 against BU, so NU would have to go at least 1-0-1 against BU in the final weekend of the season.   If that were to happen, there is almost no way that BU would win the league, so the point would be moot.  The same applies to Maine but even more so as they trail league leaders BC by 3 points and have one less game to play.   So if it gets to this third tiebreaker, it will depend on Lowell or BC and either way it will be a cruel twist of fate.   If BC wins, Northeastern will be kept out of the playoffs by a team that has already beaten them 4 times this season.   If Lowell wins, UMass will be kept out of the playoffs by their archrival, who already swept them this season.   NOTE: In reality, the team that misses will be kept out by their inability to win games .

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