3 Way and 4 Way Tie Scenarios for Northeastern

February 29, 2012


For any of these to occur, Northeastern will need to really play well this weekend.  If somehow they pull off 3 or 4 points, we could see some 3 or 4 way ties.  They best they can finish is 7th as UNH owns the tiebreaker over them.  The worst they can finish is 9th and out of the playoffs.  Hockey East did not include these ties in their release, so these may not be correct, but I am pretty sure they are.


NOTE: All of the scenarios rely on UNH losing and/or PC picking up either 0 or 1 points on the weekend.

NOTE: There is a 99.99999999964% chance that none of these happen.

4 way tie: (6) UNH ,  (7) NU,  (8) PC,  (9) UMass

This one is from the Hockey East release, so it is 100% accurate. This one is very unlikely.   NU and UMass would need sweeps .  UNH would have to lose their one game against Maine.  Pc would have to take just 1 point from Lowell.    The second two could very easily happen, but NU and UMass both sweeping is extremely unlikely.   But in this scenario, a UMass sweep would leave them out of the playoffs, which would be a very cruel fate for them.

3 way tie: (6) UNH, (7) UMass,  (8) NU

This one is also very unlikely, as it still requires sweeps from UMass in Northeastern.  In this case, both would pass PC who would have been swept by Lowell.  All 3 teams would make the playoffs at 24 points.  UNH would be the 6 after going 2-1 against both UMass and NU. Then we’d be right back where we started as UMass and NU would need the third tiebreaker, which goes to UMass, to decide the seeding.

3 way tie: (6) UNH, (7) NU, (8) PC

If UMass doesn’t get the sweep and NU does, they will be the 7 seed.  Even if PC picks up a 1 point, NU would still be the 7 since they own the tiebreaker against PC.

3 way tie: (7) NU, (8) PC, (9) UMass

Here is the big one.  This one, while still unlikely, is the only one you could realistically expect to happen.  And even that might be pushing it.   If NU and UMass both take 3 points, and PC gets swept, all 3 would be tied.  NU is 2-1-3 against the other 2, PC is 2-1-3 against the other 2, and UMass is 1-3-2 against the other two.  So it would go to head to head between NU and PC, which NU would win.  PC would follow, and UMass would miss the playoffs.


2 ways:  UNH has the TB over NU, NU has the TB over PC, and UMass has the TB over NU.



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