Reptar Does It Again

March 21, 2012



It wasn’t easy for Reptar, but once again they took home the title.  With Greg Stofman and Jon Martiniello at Nationals with the club team, and league MVP/Leading Scorer Mark Loh doing whatever is Mark Loh does, Reptar was left with just 8 skaters.

In the semifinals, they cruised to a 5-1 victory over America.  Defenseman Cody Carlson, who was celebrating his birthday, had 2 goals and 1 broken stick.  He finished the year averaging a broken stick about every 2 games, a new intramural record.  But more importantly, he gave Reptar an early lead they would never lose.  The other 3 goals came from Bishop Feehan alums Jon Casali and Andrew Stukas.  Casali had 2 to Stukas’ 1, but still left feeling inferior since he knows his fantasy baseball team is nothing compared to Stukas’.

In the championship, Reptar would face Pass Shoot ScOrr, who had just 5 skaters.  They had 6 for their semifinal game just 2 hours earlier, but their captain decided to hang out with his girlfriend instead of coming to the Championship game.  Husky Hockey Blog talked to him last night and he admitted the fact that his team had no chance played heavily into his decision.   So as you can imagine with an 8 vs 5  game just hours after grueling semifinals, it wasn’t the best hockey.  There were times where both teams seemed content to ice the puck.  Those times made up the majority of the game.  But Reptar would take the lead when Matt “the Moose is Loose” Merenich would tip home a Cody Carlson shot midway through the 2nd.  Pass Shoot ScOrr would get their chances, but Reptar goalie Billy Stacy was up to the challenge.

Reptar closed out the 1-0 win with Stacy taking home MVP honors.  The importance of the win for Reptar cannot be understated.  After not winning the title for the first time ever last semester, it was a huge bounceback season for Reptar.  This was their 4th championship, but it marked their first undefeated season.  Those were the only benefits: this was also the first championship picture that featured the new jerseys, which have been called the best in the league.  Also, as Zach Frisch mentioned before the game, “We have to win, I really need a new (Facebook) profile picture”.  And most importantly the win showed that miracles can happen.  Missing their best 3 players? Thats one thing.  But having a team that was absolutely lacking in any semblance of flow and still coming out on top? Purely unbelievable.


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