Updated: Hockey East Offseason Movement

May 17, 2012

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Here is a list of early departures, graduating seniors and other rumors from around Hockey East.  We will continue to update this throughout the summer.   Updated 5/29

Notes: Class year listed is what they would have been next season.  Recruits are from the Chris Heisenberg list/recruiting lists from BC Hockey Blog, Boston Hockey Blog, Fear The Triangle, The Mack Report, and The UNH Men’s Hockey Blog

Northeastern Huskies

Leaving (5 F, 3 D): Rob Dongara (F, JR, Transferring),  Mike McLaughlin (F, Graduated), Justin Daniels (F, SR), Steve Quailer (F, SR), Alex Tuckerman (F, SR), Anthony Bitetto (D, JR, signed with Nashville), Drew Daniels (D, SR), Luke Eibler  (D, JR)

Incoming (3 F, 5 D) : Cam Darcy (F, USNDPT), Ryan Belonger (F, USHL), Mike McMurtry (F, CCHL), Dustin Darou (D, CCHL), Mike Gunn (D, USHL), Colton Saucerman (D, USHL), Jarrett Fennell (D, OJHL), Dax Lauwers (D, Army)

Notes: 2012-2013 Captains: Vinny Saponari (C), Ludwig Karlsson (A), Robbie Vrolyk (A)

Boston College Eagles

Leaving (4 F, 3 D, 1 G):  Paul Carey (F, Graduated), Barry Almeida (F, Graduated), Tommy Atkinson (F, Graduated), Chris Kreider (F, SR, Signed with NYR), Brian Dumoulin (D, SR, signed with Carolina), Tommy Cross (D, Graduated), Edwin Shea (D, Graduated), Chris Venti (G, Graduated)

Incoming (4 F, 4 D): Frank Vatrano (F, USNDPT), Brendan Silk (F, USNDPT), Peter McMullen (F, USHL), Evan Richardson (F, BCHL), Travis Jeke (D, Prep),  Mike Matheson (D, USHL), Ted Doherty (D, USHL), , Colin Sullivan (D, Prep)

Notes: 2012-2013 Captains: Pat Mullane (C), Steve Whitney (A), Patrick Wey (A). 

Boston University Terriers

Leaving (4 F, 1 D, 2 G): Alex Chiasson (F, SR, signed with Dallas), Chris Connolly (F, Graduated), Kevin Gilroy (F, Graduated), Ross Gaudet (F, Graduated), Adam Clendening (D, JR, signed with Chicago), Kieran Millan (G, Graduated), Grant Rollheiser (G, Graduated)

Incoming (5 F, 1, D, 2 G): Matt Lane (F, USNDPT), Wesley Myron (F, BCHL), Mike Moran (F, BCHL), Danny O’Regan (F, Prep),  Sam Kurker (F, Prep), Matt Grzelczyk (D, USNDPT) , Matthew O’Connor (G, USHL), Sean Maguire (G, BCHL)

Notes: Ryan Ruikka (D) will return for a 5th year.

Maine Black Bears

Leaving (4 F, 2 D, 1 G): Spencer Abbott (F, Graduated),  Theo Andersson (F, Graduated), Brian Flynn (F, Graduated), Matt Mangene (F, SR, Signed with Philadelphia) Will O’Neil (D, Graduated), Ryan Hegarty (D, Graduated), Josh Seeley (G, Graduated) 

Incoming (4 F, 3 D): Will Merchant (F, MN HS), Steven Swavely (F, EJHL), Devin Shore (F, OJHL), Ryan Lomberg (F, USHL),  Conor Riley (D, EJHL), Kyle Williams (D, EJHL),  Ben Hutton (D, CCHL)

Notes:  2012-2013 Tri-Captains:  Merk Nemec, Joey Diamond, Mike Cornell

Massachusetts Minuteman

Leaving (2 F, 1 D, 1 G):  TJ Syner (F, Graduating), Danny Hobbs (F, Graduating), Michael Marcou (D, Graduating), Kevin Moore (G, Graduating)

Incoming (3 F, 1 D): KJ Tiefenwerth (F, USHL), Shane Walsh (F, EJHL), Evan Stack (F, BCHL), Connor Doherty (D, EJHL)

Notes: none

UMass Lowell RiverHawks

Leaving (3 F, 1 D): Michael Budd (F, Graduating), David Vallorani (F, Graduating), Matt Ferriera (F, Graduating), Tim Corcoran (D, Graduating)

Incoming (7 F, 2 D, 1 G): AJ White (F, NAHL), Ryan McGrath (F, USHL), Adam Chapie (F, NAHL), Logan Johnston (F, BCHL), JT Stenglein (F, USHL), Michael Fallon (F, USHL), Mike Colantone (F, BCHL), Greg Amlong (D, USHL), Christian Folin (D, NAHL), Connor Hellenbuyck (G, NAHL)

Notes: Mike Conderman (F, SO) is believed to be transferring to Niagara.   Marc Boulanger (G, JR), Tyler Brickler (F, SO) and  Micki Mihailovich (D, SO) are also not expected back.

Merrimack Warriors

Leaving (5 F, 2 D, 1 G): Elliot Sheen (F, Graduating), Jeff Velleca (F, Graduating), Carter Madsen (F, Graduating), Jesse Todd (F, Graduating), Ryan Flanigan (F, Graduating), Simon Demers (D, Graduating), Karl Stollery (D, Graduating), Joe Cannata (G, Graduating)

Incoming (4 F, 3 D): Ben Bahe (F, NAHL), Vinny Scotti (F, EJHL),  John Gustafson (F, NAHL), Justin Hussar (F, USHL), Izaak Berguland  (D, BCHL), Matt Cronin (D, BCHL), Jonathan Lashyn (D, AJHL)

Notes: 2012-2013 Captains: Jordan Heywood (C), Kyle Bigos (A), Brendan Ellis (A)

New Hampshire Wildcats

Leaving (3 F, 1 D, 2 G): Stevie Moses (F, Graduating), Mike Borisenok (F, Graduating), Kevin McCarey (F, Graduating), Damon Kipp (D, Graduating), Matt DiGirolamo (G, Graduating), Tyler Scott (G, Graduating)

Incoming (5 F, 2 D, 1 G): Kyle Smith (F, EJHL), Jamie Hill (F, USHL), Maxim Gaudreault (F, USHL), Dan Correale (F, USHL), Collin MacDonald (F, EJHL), Brett Pesce (D, EJHL), Harry Quast (D, EJHL), Jamie Regan (G, EJHL)

Notes: This class is official 2012-2013 Captains: Connor Hardowa (C), Greg Burke (A), Brett Kostolansky (A).  

Providence Friars

Leaving (4 F, 4 D, 2 G): Matt Bergland (F, Graduating), Robert Maloney (F, Graduating), Andy Balysky (F, Graduating), Billy Simon (F, SR, Transferring) Daniel New (D, Graduating), David Brown (D, Graduating), Barret Kaib (D, SO, Dismissed), Craig Wyszomirski (D, SO, Transferring) Alex Beaudry (G, Graduating), Justin Gates (G, Graduating)

Incoming (7 F, 4 D, 1 G): Mark Jankowski (F, Prep Canada), Steve McParland (F, OJHL), Brooks Behling (F, NAHL), Nick Saracino (F, USHL), Paul DeJersey (F, BCHL), Brandon Tenev (F, BCHL), Brent Norris (F, CJHL), Tom Parisi (D, EJHL),  Ori Abramson (D, EJHL), Will Goss (D, Prep), John Gilmour (D, USHL), Dylan Wells (G, AJHL)

Notes: Mark Jankowski could play a year in the USHL and come in 2013.

Vermont Catamounts

Leaving (3 F, 2 D, 3 G): Sebastian Stalberg (F, SR, signed with San Jose), Matt Marshall (F, Graduating), Brett Leonard (F, Graduating), Drew MacKenzie (D, Graduating),  Lance Herrington (D, Graduating), Rob Madore (G, Graduating), John Vazzano (G, Graduating), Alex Vazzano (G, JR, Transferring) 

Incoming (7 F, 3 D, 2 G): Zegmus Girgensons (F, USHL), Robert Polesello (F, USHL), Connor Anthione (F, EJHL), Jacon Fallon (F, Michigan), Peter Massar (F, Clarkson), Ryan Rosenthal (F, Prep), Jonathan Turk (F, NAHL), Yvan Patten (D, MJHL) , Ian Spencer (D, USHL), Caylen Walls (D, AJHL), Billy Faust (G, BCHL), Brody Hoffman (G, AJHL)

Notes: 2012-2013 Captains: H.T. Lenz (C), Connor Brickley (A), Chris McCarthy (A), Tobias Nilsson-Roos (A)

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