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Intramural Playoff Preview: Fall ’11

November 15, 2011


The Playoffs have arrived.  And with them are some familiar faces.

Reptar makes it 4 semesters, 4 playoff appearances.  They will be hoping to make it 4 semesters, 4 championships, but it wont be easy.

Perennial contender Christ Crew makes a return to the playoffs. They are veteran team who has been here before but never been able to win it.

Then there is Don’t Toews Me Bro.  They are one of the younger teams in the league but no stranger to the playoffs.  They pushed Reptar to the limits last semester and made some additions to try to take the title this time around.

And finally we have Hurricanes, who are making their first playoff appearance.  The team may be new, but it does have some IM veterans.  After mounting a 2 goal, 3rd period comeback against Reptar, they have proved they belong.


Sunday, 9:30: (1) Don’t Toews Me Bro vs (4) Hurricanes

Regular Season: DTMB 4, Hurricanes 2

Records: DTMB 4-0-1, Hurricanes 3-1-1

Don’t Toews Me deserves the 1 seed.  The opened the season by managing a tie vs Reptar and then followed that up by running the table the rest of the way.  They came up bit short last year, but they are the only team that has really challenged Reptar for a title.  The addition of Style Demers may be the difference for them.  In addition to being a league leader in Flow, Demers has some serious dangles.  His backhanded toe drag is pure beauty.  This is a solid team up and down and they are going to be very tough to beat.

Hurricanes are a bit of surprise.  Named after “Hurricane” Hannah Berry, they feature members of both the boys and girls club hockey teams.   They also have local product, Sean Daly, who graduated from Bishop Feehan last year.  And of course they have the ultimate traitor, Pat Finnell.  Finnell left Reptar after just 1 game to join now-defunct Bruno’s Raviolis, where he never even reached the playoffs.  Now he has made the move to Hurricanes, along with his younger brother and he will finally get his chance.  This team really showed whats it capable of on Sunday.  DTMB may be favorites in this game, but Hurricanes is more than capable of pulling the upset.

Sunday, 10:30 (2) Christ Crew vs (3) Reptar on Ice

Regular Season: Christ Crew 1, Reptar 1

Records: Christ Crew 3-0-2, Reptar 2-0-3

This one has a bit of history.  These two teams are lucky to be in the league after they had a game-ending fight 2 semesters ago.  They played again this semester and while things were chippy (as they usually are when Reptar is involved), things stayed under control and the game finished in a tie.

Christ Crew has been around awhile, but despite having some legit jerseys, they have been unable to do much in the playoffs.  They will get another chance this year, but they would be unlikely winners. They are led by Mike Rubino and Chris Gallo.  Rubino, the captain, may be one of the smaller players on the ice, but he is constantly making things happen for them.  Shutting down him is key for Reptar. Christ Crew also has one of the deeper teams in the league.  They have a full roster and usually most of them show up.  They are one of just a couple teams that run more than 2 lines.  They will be looking to use that their advantage against the short bench of Reptar.  Their other strength is goaltending.  They have allowed just 7 goals in 5 games.  In a league filled with offense, they play a defensive game and frustrate the opposition.

3-time Champions Reptar on Ice will be desperate to continue their perfect ruin.  But this has been their hardest semester yet.  Despite going undefeated, they have struggled to put teams away and hold leads. They have the least players of anyone in the league and that has hurt them more than once this year.  In the tie against Christ Crew, they had just 6 skaters.   They could be without their captain Colin Flynn, yet again, for this game.   Reptar relies on Greg Stofman and Moose Merenich big time. There is hardly a game that both of them don’t pick up at least one goal in.  They have carried Reptar to the title before and they will be looking to do it again.  Its a quick turnaround for Reptar after they skated very hard Sunday.  But if they can get everyone to show up (which they havent been able to do much this year), they will be the favorites.


We will try to get an interview with Reptar’s  Jon “Filthy Flow” Casali about his thoughts on the matchup and the team this year before the game.  So keep your eyes open for that.  Good luck to all of the teams playing, except for Christ Crew, Hurricanes and Don’t Toews Me Bro.

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Intramural Update

November 8, 2011


There are just 2 games left in the intramural season, but the playoff picture is still a giant mess.

Don’t Toews Me Bro has locked up the 1 seed with 11 points (They did play one more game then everyone else, though they locked it up before their last game)

RamRod, Multiple Scoregasms and the Dangle Berries are already eliminated.  Joining them in missing the playoffs are Trolls and the team who named themselves after a former BU player.   Both finished the year with 0 points.

The leaves 5 teams for the final 3 spots.  All 5 are tied at 6 points.  Mighty Ducks and America have played all 5 of their games, so they must sit and wait.  On Thursday, Christ Crew will get the chance to clinch a playoff spot if they can pickup at least a point against RamRod.  RamRod has struggled, but they are still one of the most talented teams in the league.   And I am sure they would love to play spoiler.  We will try to catch up with RamRod star Greg Dwyer to get a feel for the team’s mindset after missing the playoffs yet again.   The other two teams are Reptar on Ice and Hurricanes, who play each other in the final game of the season Sunday night at 9.   The winner will clinch, the loser will be sweating it out.  No one really knows what the tiebreak rules are.  We will try to find out.

It will be interesting for sure.  2 huge games with everything on the line with some of the best teams in the league involved.

Don’t Toews Me Bro has looked good, but Reptar has never not won the championship.   That will be tested this year.

Thursday at 9: Christ Crew vs RamRod

Sunday at 9: Reptar vs Hurricanes


We will try to bring you another update after Thursday’s game.  Hopefully we have some more info regarding tiebreakers by then.

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Intramural Update: Week 3

October 13, 2011


Here is the current playoff picture for the fall semester:

Reptar on Ice 1-0-1 (3) America, Christ Crew, Hurricanes
Don’t Toews Me Bro 1-0-1 (3) Mighty Ducks, Hurricanes, Scoregams
The Mighty Ducks 2-0-0 (4) DTMB, Dangle Berries, Trolls
Christ Crew 2-0-1 (5) Reptar, RamRod
America 1-0-2 (4) Reptar, RamRod
Hurricanes 2-0-0 (4) DTMB, Dangle Berries, Reptar
The Dangle Berries 1-1-1 (3) Mighty Ducks, Hurricanes
Only 4 teams will make the playoffs and its going to go right down to the wire.
  • The Dangleberries look the least likely to make it with only 3 points from 3 games.  They have 2 winnable games left though.  If they win both, they could sneak in.
  • Hurricanes have been a surprise newcomer so far.  Not many broomball teams make the jump to hockey, but they have managed it.   Now comes the hard part: 2 out of their last 3 are against the cream of the crop.  They need to beat Dangleberries and hope to get something from one of the other two games to have a chance.
  • America is another team that will probably miss out.   The have 2 very tough games left and they probably need about 3 points to feel safe.  RamRod will be looking to play spoiler  after another disappointing season.  This team lost in the Fall ’10 Championship, so they have the experience.
  • RamRod is like the Jets of NU Intramurals.  All talk, no results.
  • Christ Crew has 2 big games left as well.  One win will probably be enough, but that wont be easy.
  • The Mighty Ducks are so close to a playoff spot.  Their last game against Trolls is an easy win.  If they can get a win in one of their other two, they should get in.   The Ducks lost in the Championship game of Spring ’10 and they were last team to win it before the reign of Reptar started.   They added former Northeastern Husky, JP Maley, and are making a push to take back the title. (Reptar is rumored to be looking into a possible acquisition of another former Husky Dman, Drew Muench).
  • Don’t Toews Me Bro has proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the league.  After losing to Reptar in the Spring ’11 Championship, they went out and added Styles Demers, a sophomore with some unreal dangles.  An opening night tie with Reptar put them in an wearly hole, but a big win over RamRod has set them up nicely.   They need 2 out of their last 3, which is very possible.   They play 3 good teams, but they will be favored to win all 3.  This team will be in the playoffs for the 3rd Semester in a row.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Reptar on Ice.  They too worked out of the opening night hole and find themselves controlling their own destiny.  But they have quite the stretch ahead of them.  First up a Championship rematch against America.  Then, its Christ Crew in a game that is sure to get chippy.  Reptar was almost kicked out of the league after a brawl occurred when these two teams last met.  Last up is Hurricanes, in what may be a heated game.  Pat Finnell plays for Hurricanes and Reptar players don’t forget how he left the team after 1 game to join Bruno’s Raviolis in their first season.

I think Reptar, DTMB and Mighty Ducks are all very close to being locks for the playoffs.  That last spot will likely be between Christ Crew and Hurricanes.  But crazier things have happened.

There are only 3 games this week but they are all huge ones.

Thursday-Mighty Ducks vs Dont Toews Me Bro, 9pm

The winner of this will be in great shape to make the playoffs.  Its probably too early to clinch, but this would put them right on the doorstep.  I think the addition of Maley gives the Ducks the edge and he leads them to a victory that shows they are here to stay.

Sunday-Reptar on Ice vs America, 5pm

Neither team can afford to lose, especially America.   America has played Reptar close, but they have never quite been able to hang with them for a full game.   Sunday is no different.  Reptar wins by a couple even without their captain (who has yet to play a game this year)

Sunday-Don’t Toews Me Bro vs Hurricanes, 9pm

2 games in 4 days is a tough task for DTMB, but with 2 wins they will lock up a playoff spot.  For Hurricanes, this a huge chance to improve their playoff chances and to prove that they are legit.  I havent seen Hurricanes play so I really don’t know what to expect.  But if they can hang with DTMB, I will be impressed.

So check back next week because the playoff picture will look a lot clearer by then.

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Reptar on Ice to Unveil New Jerseys

October 6, 2011


Despite winning 3 straight intramural titles, up until now Reptar has been without a jersey. Mismatched socks and old pennies might work for some teams, but as we all know 90% (roughly) of playing good is looking good.

So that is why tonight when Reptar faces off with Trolls, their dynasty will now have a face.

Its been a long time coming for these jerseys. After seeing teams such as Christ Crew, the Mighty Ducks, and even Bruno’s Raviolis rock jerseys, Reptar decided they too needed to “suit up”. But multiple attempts fizzled out leading some to question the Captain, Colin Flynn. But just like he does on the ice, his defensive partner Tom Wickham stepped up to save the day.

So the jerseys are in, and they will be worn for the first time tonight as Reptar looks to erase the memory of their opening day tie. Puck drops at 7:15 at Matthews.

In other intramural news, Team RamRod suffered their second defeat of the season against Don’t Toews Me Bro (1-0-1), which puts their chances at the playoffs in serious doubt as they sit at 0-2.

Hurricanes, Christ Crew, and the Mighty Ducks all sit at 2-0. America and Don’t Toews Me Bro are 1-0-1 and Reptar hopes to join them with a win over perennial punching bag tonight. Dangleberries (0-1-1) and Multiple Scoregasms (1-2) are struggling and look unlikely to make a return to the playoffs.

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